Let’s Talk Theme’s

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Hello, I am Lorraine Hallam and I am delighted to be serving as the Vice President for our Let’s Talk: Strategic Themes.

Our Strategic Themes cover the areas of HR & OD practice that we believe our professional community should be focusing on so that our organisations are building workforces that can thrive in an ever more complex and changing world.

We’ve thought about our themes carefully.  We wanted to create them so that they would be fit for the future but that we retain the ability to respond quickly to emerging issues.  This means we focus on ‘doing stuff’ and not endlessly being distracted by what we’ve called the themes.

We have some really great Strategic Theme leads and they represent our broader PPMA community.  We have leads from Central and Local Government.  I strongly encourage you to actively participate.

Our themes have a national focus but we also recognise that we have to respond to the needs of our places.  So, working with our Regions, we will ensure that the work we care national and locally is shared across our membership community.

I’m happy to be leading such a team of vibrant professionals.  You can find our more about our themes below.  Please do get involved.

Our Strategic Themes

Lorraine would not thank us for making a fuss of her.  But it’s right to know that our VP: Strategic Themes is an award winner.  She was nominated by a number of her colleagues for the PPMA President’s Award for special contribution in the 2019 Annual Excellence in People Management Awards. 

She was delighted to win.  Lorraine has, for many many years, championed employment rights and also inclusion and diversity.  In doing so, she has often had to speak truth to power and that isn’t always a comfortable position to be in.  But of course it is the right position.  

We’re delighted that she is our Vice President: Strategic Themes.  And we’re also delighted that embarking on her new, independent career, means that she has more time to dedicate to us.

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