About the Region

The South West region consists of the counties of Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire as well as the Isles of Scilly. There are several major urban centres, it has the longest coastline of any English region and large parts of the region are rural.

The PPMA membership in the south-west reflects a range of public services and we have recently been joined by our first charity members. The PPMA in the south-west has a long-standing partnership with South West Councils and holds joint events annually. More recently, the PPMA has developed a partnership with our health colleagues in HPMA and our events are open to each other.

Local Issues Impacting the Region

We face many of the same issues as the rest of the regions, such as:

  • Promoting and maintaining the wellbeing, productivity and engagement of our workforces;
  • Collaboration across public service organisations to re-define and enhance services for our communities;
  • Transforming services through technology, digital and AI;
  • Cultural change, developing new skills and keeping the current workforce engaged and focused on improving lives for our residents.
  • Recruiting & retaining key roles as well as looking ahead to what will be required of our workforce in the future;
  • Managing the impact on our communities, services and workforce of reduced funding and constrained budgets.