Sponsors are an important part of our PPMA family.  We need each other.  The PPMA value proposition for our sponsors provides:

  • Reach: the opportunity for sponsors to reach HR & OD professionals nationally across a range of public service organisations. Being able to access some of the most influential members of the public sector HR and OD profession will help you raise awareness of your products or services, a platform to attract greater media interest about your organisation etc.
  • Community: being a part of a diverse, passionate community of professionals, committed to knowing as much as possible about a broad range of services and solutions that are relevant for current and future organisation challenges.  Being a part of this community allows us to build open, honest and mutually beneficial relationships. Many of our sponsors have worked with us for over 10 years.
  • Influence: the opportunity to shape the views and experiences of our professional community.

Our membership community is typically overworked but it is full of curious people, who spend time finding out about what our sponsors can offer.  We actively engage with sponsors, whether it be at annual conference, regional networking meetings, President’s dinners, research or our awards programme.

Over the last 3 years in particular we have improved our research programmes, which now enable sponsors to co-produce research on agreed topics with our membership community.

Different types of sponsorship

We want to build longer term, productive relationships.  We put alot of effort into our relationships so they can deliver for both parties.  We are proud of the highly competitive set of sponsor agreements on offer.  From Platinum to Gold packages, or Strategic Partnerships, you will find us adaptable and willing to explore with you.

You can find our more about our different sponsor packages below and by clicking on the PACKAGES AVAILABLE  button on the right hand side of this page.

Conference specific sponsorship

If you do not want to enter into a broader agreement, we are always happy to welcome you to our Annual Conference sponsorship.  This is a great way to meet our community, learn more about our priorities and share with us what you are able to offer.

Don’t just believe what we say

The relationships we build up matter to us – not just professionally but personally.  We will only work with people who share our values and those who aren’t afraid to challenge us.  Our efforts mean that we are able to offer potential sponsors access to our current sponsors.  So you can hear directly from people who invest money and time with us what exactly they think.

You can hear what some of our sponsors say below.

If you are interested in becoming a PPMA sponsor, please contact us at: [email protected]

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Our Current Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities


Our Current Sponsors

PPMA is grateful for the support of all of our sponsors/partners


Premium Sponsorship

Our Premium sponsorship is the most comprehensive of our offerings.

This includes premier advertising on our website and other PPMA materials as appropriate.  It will also give you more access to talk to our community and Policy Board through our Events networks and opportunities arrange specific webinars, host online roundtables and website articles etc.

It also covers attendance, participation at our annual conference and sponsorship of one of our national awards.

Additional options can also be arranged for an extra fee.

Prime Sponsorship

Our Prime sponsorship is our next level of sponsorship. It includes brand advertising on a range of PPMA activities. It also allows access to our membership communities predominantly through our regional networks and events. Prime sponsors can also contribute to our online webinar programmes.

It also covers attendance at our annual conference and sponsorship of one of our national awards.

Additional options can also be arranged for an extra fee.

Conference Sponsorship

Our annual conference package is for those of you who just wish to attend this event.

The package includes access to the full event, sponsor logo on all conference related publicity; a free full seminar pass.

Additional options can also be arranged for an extra fee.

Strategic Partner

As well as our valued Commercial Sponsors, we also maintain a series of Strategic Partnerships. These partnerships are typically with organisations who we work with on a policy basis within public services. For example Solace represents Chief Executives in Local Government and the LGA is the membership body for Local Authorities. Working with partners who work in our space enables us to develop better policy, elevate issues that we care about and further raise the collective voice of our profession.