Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities 2019-04-05T19:02:22+01:00

There are a number of ways in which you can work with PPMA on a commercial basis:

Longer term partnership encompassing a range of products, services and events to our members

These agreements can last for one year or multiple years and offer access to our Annual Conference, National Roadshow programme and our Regional Events. Additional bespoke events and/or research opportunities can also be established and publicised.

We offer a range of longer term sponsorship’s: Platinum and Gold. You can join up for as little as one year up to 3 years before we review the partnership.

Conference specific sponsorship

If you do not want to enter into a longer term deal, we are always happy to talk to you about event specific opportunities on a more targeted basis. This can give you more flexibility to spend your sponsorship budgets.

Watch this video to see what some of our sponsors said about their involvement with the Northern HR Summit in Leeds in October 2017

Other Commercial Opportunities

We will also support other more limited opportunities, including advertising, if it is in the best interests of PPMA Members.

Developing longer term relationships with the PPMA will offer you greater added value by giving your organisation greater profile and prominence via our website, relevant literature, annual HR awards and conferences or even by the providing the opportunity to arrange bespoke events with us. Being able to access some of the most influential members of the public sector HR and OD profession could aid you with product or service development discussions, or provide a platform with which to attract greater media interest about your organisation.

Full details of each of our sponsorship packages can be found here.

If you are interested in talking to us about sponsoring us, please contact us at: [email protected]

The PPMA – Sponsor Value Proposition

We offer you the following:

Reach – the opportunity for your organisation to access a national community of HR & OD professionals from across public sector as well as chief executives who have an interest in the OD and Workforce agenda.

Community – unrivalled access to a community of passionate, diverse and committed individuals who are focused on working with organisations who can help them deliver improved services to their public service organisations

Influence – an opportunity for commercial organisations to influence the thinking of HR & OD professionals.

Our approach to working with our sponsors is to build longer term partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We have a track record of ensuring that all of our sponsors have a unique proposition – it’s in everyone’s best interests to deliver that.

We also encourage our sponsors to become PPMA members – that way you keep up with latest developments.

Our current sponsors

PPMA is grateful for the support of all of our sponsors/partners

You can find more information about our current sponsors here.

Platinum Sponsorship

Our Platinum sponsorship is the most comprehensive of our offerings.

This includes premier advertising on our website and other PPMA materials as appropriate.  It will also give you more access to talk to our community and Policy Board through our Regional Event networks and arrange regional specific events, national research, website articles etc.

It also covers attendance, participation in with exhibition facilities at our annual conference and sponsorship of one of our national awards. You also have access to our Gala Dinner.

Additional options can also be arranged for an extra fee.

Gold Sponsorship

Our Gold sponsorship is our next level of sponsorship. It includes brand advertising on a range of PPMA activities. It also allows access to our membership communities predominantly through our regional networks and events. Where possible, Gold sponsors can also contribute to our research programmes.

It also covers attendance and exhibition facilities at our annual conference and sponsorship of one of our national awards.

Additional options can also be arranged for an extra fee.

Conference Sponsorship

Our annual conference package is for those of you who just wish to attend this event.

The package includes an exhibition stand, sponsor logo on all conference related publicity; a free full seminar pass.

Additional options can also be arranged for an extra fee.



The Public Services People Managers Association (PPMA) is the first choice association for people professionals in public services.

We are a collective voice for a highly qualified, passionate, committed and diverse public services HR and OD community. We play a critical role in influencing key decision-makers and stakeholders involved in people management and workforce issues.


Our Regions

Our Regions

First and foremost PPMA is proud to be a membership organisation.

As such, the needs of our members comes first together with our sponsors and other partners, we work to develop offerings that ensure that our membership offering remains fit for purpose and offers great value for money.


The Knowledge Bank

The Knowledge Bank

The PPMA Knowledge Bank is a members only resource offering access to a wealth of best practice information, including case studies, toolkits, PPMA and Sponsor thought leadership papers, that you can use in your day to day practice.

Click below to access our membership joining pages and select the right membership for you.