As we are a membership association, we take governance and our structure seriously.  We are a diverse, inclusive, passionate community of professionals and we want to make sure that our structure reflects that and allows everyone to make a contribution.  We are better as an association when everyone who wants to contribute, can.

Our new structure – agreed in 2018 – allows us to:

  • Maintain a strategic focus on our objectives
  • Ensure that we are able to manage day to day business proactively and effectively, but always be able to respond to emerging opportunities
  • Enable our younger and more experienced professionals to contribute to our leadership team
  • Provide meaningful opportunities for our partners and sponsors to contribute to our work
  • Better develop a future talent pipeline of people who will become future leaders of the association
  • Give opportunities to people who don’t have much time but who want to support a particular PPMA issue to do so.

Our Strategic Management Board (SMB), led by our President, leads the day to day work of the association.  It comprises our President, 3 Vice Presidents, Executive Director and Grace and Kim.

Our Extended Board meets twice a year, but talks much more regularly.  This group comprises of our SMB members, our Region Chairs and our Strategic Theme leads.

Our Challenge and Innovation Forum meets twice a year and is Chaired by our President.  This group includes our Extended Board, representatives from Partner organisations and Platinum sponsors.  This group enables us to share our upcoming plans, receive feedback and also talk about some of the developing issues, solutions and products likely to impact the profession in coming years.

Our small number of PPMA Ambassadors are those people who provide dedicated support to specific PPMA issues.  Our Ambassadors help us promote PPMA and the issues they feel passionately about.

Our talent legacy community is currently under development.  It comprises graduates of our Let’s Talk: You Talent programmes.  We want to make sure that people who go through those programmes are supported once the programmes are finished.  This group will help our professionals build networks outside their own organisations. We will provide more information as it develops.

Last but by no means least, we have a fantastic community of Past Presidents that we can tap into when we need an experienced perspective.

If you would like more information on our structure, you can contact Grace.

Additional resources

You can find out more by watching our short videos.