About the Region

The Midlands and Wales region stretches from Lincoln to Aberystwyth, from Northampton to Leeds, and from Cardiff to Llandudno, and it covers everywhere in between!

It is a geographically diverse regions, and we are committed to providing our members with the support and access to event and seminar they will find useful. We are currently engaging to existing and potential new members to determine what their specific challenges are, what events they would value, and to enable them to help shape an even more valuable membership offer.

Local Issues Impacting the Region

We face many of the same issues as the rest of the regions, such as:

  • the challenges of digital disruption for our organisations, with the drive towards the introduction of AI
  • The constant drive for delivering more for less, and how this translates for our customers, communities and workforce
  • Promoting and maintain the wellbeing, productivity and engagement of our workforces
  • Looking and more effective channels of succession planning, skills and leadership development, and collaborative working
  • Developing organisations that operate as commercially astute businesses within the public sector framework