Hello PPMA members and friends

Today is International Day of Happiness 2019 and this is a great lead-up to our 2019 Annual Conference which is all about ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’.

One of the keynote speakers at the conference is Shonette Bason-Wood who is a Guinness World Record Holder, mother of four, International Speaker and award-winning author. She is different in style and content, from her look, to her ability to lift an audience to a whole new level of thinking and we can’t wait for her session!

She’s created a positive global community within education in which educators put their own happiness first to impact on the children they work with. Famous for her fine muscle exercise Dough Disco, Shonette works Internationally with over 26 countries with Spread the Happiness Educators.

Her message, performance, political satire and precision timed delivery, smattered with eye watering humour and unrivalled passion truly empower the audience to take hold of their life now and live it.

Her work spans all ages encouraging people to take control of current trends and agendas by focusing on happiness, humour, reality, risk taking, and positivity.

Shonette is not a motivational speaker but an experience. You will leave the room, but she will leave a Permission To legacy that every person will benefit from and ripple that has the potential to impact on 1000’s of people.

Come and hear Shonette and our other fabulous speakers at our Annual Conference in Birmingham on 14th to 16th May. www.ppma.org.uk/events-programmes-conference2019/

Shonette has recorded a short video for us where she tells us what to expect from her session…and we’re sure it’s going to be amazing!

Shonette Bason-Wood
Creator of Spreading the Happiness