Hello PPMA members and friends

The last in our series of posts from the Apprentices of the Year and One to Watch winners is our 2019 Rising Star, Hayley Camporese. Hayley is HR Consultant at Onesource (London Borough’s of Havering & Newham).

“I have always thought that I am a confident individual, that is able to say her piece in team meetings, guide Directors through procedures and sing horrendously on a karaoke …… but after the first day with the fabulous Leatham Green and coaches Stuart Paviour and Julie Biggs, I realised that there was much more I needed to, and did, learn about my own self-confidence and presenting in front of an audience of peers.

The first day started with all of the finalists getting to know each other and then going through relaxation techniques to help whilst presenting under pressure…..throughout the day we were provided with scenario’s and exercises both individually and in groups, to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and hone our presentation skills. We were given immediate feedback and mentoring from the coaches, which helped immensely with the next stage. It did not feel like a competition at all – everyone was very supportive to each other, and we were encouraged and coached continuously by the team.

Presenting my legacy was quite an emotional experience, it was based around work/life balance and how we sometimes lose ourselves in our work, and miss out on precious time with family and also making time for yourself. I felt very empowered when I stood up and spoke, I forgot about the judges and just gave it my all, bringing in all of the techniques that I had learnt over the 2 days I had been there. All of the other finalists were amazing….. and it was a shock when my name was called as the winner, it really must have been a close competition!

It was an outstanding experience and has made me realise the abilities I have, given me a great sense of belief in myself and also an awareness of my body language – I stand and walk taller now, and it has really made a difference in my confidence and delivery.”

We wish Hayley a fantastic year and look forward to seeing her and the other programme winners at the PPMA Conference, at The Hilton Metropole Birmingham, on 14th to 16th May. If you’d like to come along and celebrate with us all, then book your place here.