Hello PPMA members and friends

As we get closer to #PPMAHR24 in April, we’ve asked our speakers to share some thoughts about what you can expect from their sessions and we’ll be posting these over the coming weeks.

The first of these posts is from the fantastic Shonette Bason Wood, founder of Spread the Happiness. You may recall that Shonette went down a storm at at our 2019 conference, where she ran a highly entertaining session, giving everyone a cloak of invisibility and a magic wand to take home, as well as being a superb host for the Gala Awards Dinner.

She’s back this year as our Gala Dinner host and is also running a session on being happy at work. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store:

What are you scared of? Recently I began to realise I’m scared of everything! It wasn’t fear of things like spiders or sharks but closer to home fears. Fear of saying the wrong thing at work, fear of going to events with friends and even fear of being too enthusiastic at work. (Wait till you hear that story!). Small fears to some, but my fears were literally stopping me from being the best version of me at work and in my own life.

Fear stops us all from being who we really want to be. I’m so fear-filled I scare myself! What I want for you is to be the best version of you, when was the last time you felt the best version of you? More than likely fear stops you. During my session ‘Permission to be Happy at Work’ at this years PPMA conference, I’ll be exploring fears through laughter, stories and no doubt I’ll be scaring you out of your comfort zone in order to shift you closer to being the best version of yourself. Proving once and for all happiness truly is an inside job.

Shonette’s session ‘Permission to be Happy at Work‘ is on Friday 26th April 11:00am to 11:45 and if you’ve not yet booked your place at #PPMAHR24 then find out more here

Shonette Bason Wood