Dear PPMA colleagues and friends

Well, it’s that time of year again, where we start to look forward to the next key PPMA appointment – our new VP (or VP’s). If you are interested in helping PPMA further progress our critical work and could see yourself as our next VP, check out our information pack.

To help you get a better idea of what’s involved, Caroline and Karen share with us some of their experiences as Vice President…and it’s clear they’ve found it such a worthwhile experience.

Firstly Caroline says “I was so delighted to be asked to serve as Joint Vice President of PPMA and then of course as your President. My overwhelming feelings were of pride and what an honour it was. I was so excited to share the news with my mum and dad, husband Kevin and my kids James and Sarah. Being able to contribute to my profession on a national stage is such an incredible opportunity and I decided to put heart and soul into this opportunity.

I’ve enjoyed so many experiences as VP. I’d been involved in the London Region as Vice Chair and although I really knew London well, the opportunity understand and learn about the great work going on nationally was fantastic – and a huge learning curve.

There are too many experiences to point out, but I suppose the ones that have had the most impact are those in the run up to conference. Launching the 2017 PPMA awards was an incredible experience and I still remember so clearly the reaction of colleagues who had found out they’d been shortlisted at our shortlisting event. I’ll remember that for a very very long time. Conference itself was an incredible time, I will never ever forget what a wonderful event that was. It’s a bit like a great wedding though, there’s a lot you don’t remember but I love the fact that people had such a great time.

I have much less free time than before, but being VP and President are highlights of my professional career”.

Karen, our current VP told us “PPMA is one of those really influential and necessary organisations that you hardly know is there – that’s very much a HR/OD mindset in my experience. We do some amazing work and either don’t shout about it because we’re really modest – or, we don’t have time to share because we’re horribly busy.

It’s incredible to me to think that this great body has been going for 42 years. In an early part of my consulting career, I was actually a sponsor and I attended a SOCPO event in Brighton. So it is a real full circle for me to be a part of the team leading the organisation today. Quite a journey.

Caroline and my year as joint VP was great fun but a steep learning curve. It helped us I think to build a solid working relationship and it’s allowed us to develop a rhythm and understanding that we hope has translated into momentum and a consistency that has been good for PPMA. Highlights for me – the awards shortlisting event and seeing the reaction of the Bradford team who had submitted an entry on behalf of Sue Dunkley, who went on to win our Public Sector HRD of the year award. Others including Caroline being elected at AGM – you could visibly see how much that meant to her – and actually watching the highlights videos we’ve done over the last year. Being reminded of all the hard work that a lot of people put into the awards and conference is a great antidote to the tougher days.

I’d encourage every member to be an active participant in PPMA. For those inspired to take up officer roles, please just go for it. It’s a huge commitment, we wouldn’t’ want people to underestimate the amount of effort this takes. But I think if you asked anyone who has served in a leadership role, they will all say it’s been a huge privilege and an amazing professional and personal opportunity”.

Why not find out more about this brilliant opportunity?  We waiting to hear from you!