Hello PPMA members and friends

Our President, Caroline Nugent has been developing our strategic relationships further with Health. Together with our VP Karen Grave and Past President Sue Evans, the ‘Past, Present and Future’ Presidents, attended the HPMA Annual Awards dinner near Tower Bridge in June. It was a really great opportunity to support our sister organisation and hear about some of the fantastic work our colleagues in Health are doing.

A lovely feature of the night was the opportunity to meet with some former PPMA colleagues including Raffaela Goodby and Caroline commented on how great it was to see her receive an award for the great work going on at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals Trust. We also saw some of our own sponsors – Neyber and TMP. It just shows how closely health and broader public services work together.

We were also fortunate to see Stephen Moir, also a PPMA Past President on what was his last, HPMA event as Chief People Officer at NHS England. For those of you who may not know, Stephen has returned to Local Government as Executive Director of Resources at Edinburgh City Council. We are delighted to welcome him back to our PPMA community and looking forward to working with our colleagues in the SPDS organisation.

PPMA is in the process of developing joint HPMA & PPMA events across the country. We’ll keep you posted, so make sure you keep coming back to the website and our other social media channels, to keep up with what we’re doing.