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The Programme

Peer into the Future has been a staple of our Let’s Talk: You offering for several years.  The programme was run with one of our Platinum Sponsors, Penna and was a great success.

During 2018, we decided to update all of our Let’s Talk: You programmes.  Penna are now supporting us with our Apprentice of the Year programme and we are delighted to have their support on that programme.

This year we are looking forward to running the first cohort of our refreshed programme.  The programme has been reshaped based on feedback from previous cohorts, aspiring attendees and PPMA Board members.  Focused on a combination of theory and practice, the programme has 5 core modules.  Additionally, our participants will be supplementing their learning through interaction with leaders across public and private sectors.

This year we are delighted to say that the modules will be delivered by experts in their fields:

  • Professor Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe
  • Maria Paviour
  • Krystyna Gadd
  • Yazad Dalal
  • Leatham Green

Programme objectives

This programme is designed to develop senior HR & OD professionals understanding of how HR/OD needs to maximise its contribution to the overall success  of our organisation and public service as a whole.  By the end of Peer, our cohort members will

  • Gain a deep appreciation of holistic leadership using the Engaging Leadership model, developed by Professor Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe.
  • Take a deep dive into neuroscience and understanding how it impacts wellbeing, employee engagement and performance, using CARI.
  • Understand how future trends in technology will influence public service design, delivery and influence the shape of our future workforces.
  • Build your own personal and professional brand, and understand how that will support your effectiveness in your organisations
  • Can confidently define and measure the impact of HR & OD on our organisations.
  • Develop your cohort networks and be part of a national Peer Alumni community.

Who can take part?

Our programme is open to all current and aspiring HR & OD Directors across all parts of public services.  This programme is also open to PPMA and non PPMA members, but PPMA members receive a membership discount on the programme.

This year’s programme

Peer into the Future 2019/2020 is now open for applications.  You can look at our online brochure below for details and download an application form by clicking here.

If you have any questions in the meantime you can email Grace at [email protected] or Leatham at [email protected].

Although we have changed the Peer curriculum, we know we have an amazing cohort of Peer graduates already.  You can hear what they say about participating in Peer here.

Peer into the Future resources

You can find out much more about our recent Peer events and read some previous blogs here:

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This years programme

Peer into the Future 2019/2020 is open for applications from Wednesday 31st July up until Friday 20th September 2019. 

If you have any questions in the meantime you can email Grace at [email protected] or Leatham at [email protected].