Hello PPMA friends

Here’s the second in our series of 4 questions for the winners of our PPMA Talent Programmes from Emily Drake. Emily is Head of Payments, Systems and Registrars at Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council and the joint winner of our Peer into The Future programme 2020.

  • What has been the biggest lesson you have learnt from your career so far?

It’s a really good idea to move around the business to get a different perspective on HR/OD from the operational side.  It helps you to empathise with what other managers are dealing with in their day job and become well rounded as a professional.

  • If you were Chief Executive of your organisation what one change would you make (in an ideal world!)

We are very lucky to have a personable and approachable chief executive who really does value the organisation’s people and their views and opinions, regularly reaching out for individual ideas and feedback.  If I was CX I would definitely continue that legacy and would challenge myself to meet a different employee on a regular basis to understand their role, achievements, ideas and challenges.  I think that would be a great connector throughout the organisation and keep me in touch with the day to day things that affect our people.

  • What one superpower would you like to have to make people’s lives better.

I would love to have the power to fly…..then as a little pick me up when people are feeling down I would whisk them into the skies and let them see the beautiful world below and I bet that would bring a smile to their face!

  • If you were able to give your 18 year old self one piece of advice today what would it be?

Don’t worry about what other people think of you – as long as you are kind to yourself and others you can’t go far wrong.


As part of our recent Virtual Conference we asked all of the Peer into the Future finalists to record a short video talking about the personal legacy they each were asked to prepare as part of the programme…and here is Emily sharing hers.

Thanks to Emily for her thought provoking replies to our questions. Over the coming weeks we’ll be posting the answers to these questions from our other Talent Programme winners, so watch out for those. Applications for the 2021 cohorts will be opening soon – so if you’d like more information then contact Grace at [email protected]