Hello PPMA members and friends

The doors are now open for current HR & OD professionals who are operating strategically at Director level or aspiring to do so, to apply to join our 2024/25 Peer into the Future cohort.

This highly regarded programme has helped many people over the years to achieve great things and last year’s Peer of the Year, Hannah Mason from Central Bedfordshire Council talks about what she got from being part of the programme.

My Peer experience started a new era for me. Initially, I hesitated—I didn’t feel comfortable owning my ambition for senior HR leadership roles. I thought I should focus on my current role. But joining Peer was perfect timing! It empowers, motivates, and encourages introspection. The programme gives time for reflection, stepping back from daily issues, and thinking bigger.

It’s not a fast track to career steps but a curated experience that connects participants, introduces new concepts, and allows different thinking. Inspired by others’ candid reflections, my self-belief and sense of belonging grew. I now have a deeper connection to my profession and am more confident. The relationships built through the programme endure.

Winning Peer of the Year was a huge honour. It opened new opportunities, including joining the extended PPMA board and speaking at a conference. Taking the stage was a “pinch me” moment.

To anyone considering it—for themselves or their team—I can’t recommend it highly enough. Peer was a turning point and a career highlight. I encourage you to pass on the nudge that I received and have that conversation in your team. It could make all the difference.


Reflecting on our journeys, both the PPMA Apprentice of the Year and Peer into the Future programmes have been transformative. They provided personal and professional growth, a sense of belonging, and pride in our achievements. These experiences have left us better equipped to contribute meaningfully to our fields and more confident in our capabilities. For anyone considering these paths, we encourage you to embrace the opportunity. It can truly be a pivotal moment in your career.

If you think you have what it takes to be the next Peer into the Future, applications for the PPMA 2024/25 cohort are open now. Please visit the PPMA website for more information www.ppma.org.uk/peerintothefuture2024-25

Hannah Mason, Central Bedfordshire Council – Peer into the Future Winner 2023/24