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Cheryl Samuels is Deputy Director of Workforce Transformation – London Region and Chair of Deputy Directors of HR Network, NHS England & NHS Impro and we are so pleased that she’s agreed to speak at #PPMAHR22 in Manchester in April. She is currently spearheading a high profile social movement with HPMA for change amongst the HR & OD profession under the banner #InclusiveHR. The movement is gaining momentum across the regions with action being taken to facilitate a more inclusive HR profession that is able to lead with credibility. As part of this campaign Cheryl has written a number of blog posts and articles that sets out the call to action for those in the public sector  and these have gained a wide audience and in some cases, gone viral. To give an insight into Cheryl’s work and as a taster for her session at our Conference, below is a blog post written by Cheryl for Inside Government


“When injustice becomes the norm, it is absolutely our duty as professionals to challenge existing practices and systems, whilst amplifying the voices of the unheard championing best practice.

An essential part of Leadership is to influence, lead and empower others so they have the best work experience. The role of leadership is even more important when positioned within the HR function. HR is perceived as the heartbeat of an organisation that sets the tone and influences the behaviours of those entrusted to lead diverse teams, which is why it is so important that HR provides leadership on diversity and inclusion with real credibility and authenticity.

When we lead by example with visible diverse leadership, we create a sense of hope, faith, and confidence that there really is equality of opportunity with quantifiable business benefits. These impact our staff, patients and external stakeholders.

The NHS is the largest employer in the UK and we are making a concerted effort to address the inequalities that exist so that staff experience a genuine sense of belonging and inclusion. This is in line with the NHS People Plan and the London Workforce Race Strategy which recognises the racial inequalities found in the NHS, and sets the ambition to achieve greater inclusion in a way that looks and feels different. This is further cemented by the current NHS Future HR Review which is engaging with the HR profession to re-imagine a more inclusive future, where everyone has the opportunity to prosper and realise their potential.

The London NHS community of HR & OD leaders, in conjunction with the Healthcare People Management Association (HPMA) and the London Deputy Directors of HR Network, have committed to becoming more inclusive, and to take proactive steps as leaders to shape and change the experience of those from an ethnic minority background.

Since publishing my article in People Management, March edition it has been viewed and read thousands of times via various platforms. We have taken proactive steps to lead by example and to support the HR leadership within the NHS to be more visible, vocal and deliberate in their actions to improve the work experience of HR & OD professionals from an ethnic minority background. This will raise the bar for all HR & OD staff irrespective of their protected characteristics.”

Here are links to some of the other excellent articles Cheryl has written recently:

Cheryl Samuels, Deputy Director of Workforce Transformation – London Region and Chair of Deputy Directors of HR Network, NHS England & NHS Impro

If you would like to come along and see Cheryl live at #PPMAHR22 on Thursday 28th April 3:30pm – 4:40pm, then you can book your place and find our more information on our website