Hello PPMA friends

Julie Biggs is the PPMA South West Regional Chair and in this blog post, she shares her thoughts on making and sticking to resolutions – something that is particularity pertinent at this time of year.

“The new year often brings with it the desire to make resolutions about what we will and won’t do during the coming months. We want to make changes and set ourselves goals and challenges as part of these resolutions. As we move through the weeks and months, I wonder how many people chose to make resolutions at the beginning of the new year and now find themselves slipping or not making the progress that they envisaged. And how many of those are berating themselves for not sticking to the resolutions they made?

The dictionary definition of a resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something”. For me, the term resolution feels a bit odd and it seems that there is a pass or fail mentality to it. If we waiver from our resolution, do we then exacerbate whatever it is we were doing or not doing (for example “Well I’ve had two chocolates so may as well eat some more”)? Or do we even give up altogether?

Personally, the word “intention” resonates more – it conjures up a sense of direction that is moving me forwards. It feels like if, or more accurately, when I slip up, I don’t have to berate myself but rather I can acknowledge it and then continue with my intention. No pass or fail, no ongoing guilt, no drawn-out analysis, no unkind words to myself. Simply a recognition that I am human with all the grace and flaws that make up my perfect imperfection.

Some steps forward, a few steps backwards – all part of the dance.”

Julie Biggs, PPMA South West Regional Chair