PPMA South East Region Meeting (encompassing the old London, South East & Southern and East England Regions)

Neurodiversity – expanding our horizons and opportunities

On Wednesday 3rd April our South East region held a session to organisations to get up to speed on current understanding around neurodiverse conditions and the opportunities and challenges it brings.

The scope and nature of neurodiversity was covered; identifying the main issues for organisations in supporting employees in the workplace; examples of best practice in recruiting and supporting people with neurodiversity in the workplace.

We were joined by Dr Helen Gray from Institute of Employment Studies and Nick Heckscher Director ASPIeRATIONS Nick who helped to shine a multi-dimensional view on the business benefits of neurodiversity by blending insights gathered from conversations with the UK’s biggest employers about neurodiversity in the workplace with his own neurodivergent experiences carving a successful career in the highly neurotypical recruitment industry.

Please find below presentations from the event and thank you to all of those who attended this session.