Hello PPMA members and friends

Caroline Nugent writes her last blog post in her capacity as PPMA President and she shares with us the highlights from her brilliant year in office.

“My reflections

Well what a year! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone but I’m happy to leave the presidency in the capable hands of Karen Grave who will take over the reigns at the PPMA conference this month.

Well what do I think we have achieved this year? For a start there has been significant work going on behind the scenes to ensure the future sustainability of the PPMA with the world of Heads of HR, in the public sector in particular changing. More and more of us are working across more than one employer and although it’s great for our development and the development of our teams, it has meant that we needed to ensure a wider public services approach to the PPMA. With each shared service is one less Head of HR.  I am thrilled that we have increased civil service membership, including the Chief People Office for the whole of the Civil Service,  Rupert McNeil.  This has shown how we can engage and our reach is far wider.

We also have a number of Chief Executives as members and this shows how we have moved from a ‘Personnel’ approach to a full on Leadership, OD  and Workforce strategic approach. If your Chief Executive is not a PPMA member, ask why not!  It is vital we are given the space to look outside of our organisations in order to bring back the sharing and best practice that is out there.

I have been amazed whilst I have attended lots of events at how many people have said they struggled to be given the time to attend. Why aren’t they forward thinking like one of my chief executives who has made it mandatory for all senior leaders from whatever background, be it legal to planning to bereavement services, to attend external events and wherever possible to speak at them? It is all this learning which will move an organisation from good to great!

Our marketing and sponsorship arrangements have done us proud this year with an increase in the breadth of our sponsors which will enable our members to hear and learn from many great operators in their fields. This proves that we have a lot to offer sponsors and they in return have great knowledge and products we can utilise.

A peek behind the scenes again – we have been actively working with colleagues in CIPD, HPMA and UHR for the long term benefits of all of our respective members and during the next year you will start to see how you will have a greater interaction and opportunities which we have not had before.  Look out for that news!

We have recruited Grace who has proven to be a great admin and marketing resource for the organisation. Leatham and I interviewed Grace by Skype, as we wanted someone who is capable of working remotely who could actively engage with members and sponsors – she is certainly supporting us on a daily basis. As you know as Policy Board members, we are volunteers so having a solid back office is critical for us!

Also watch out for more from Leatham who has joined us as a time limited resource as Executive Director.  Many of you will know from the SOCPO days (and many of us are old enough to remember!) we used to have a resource and this year we have decided we are moving at such pace we need some extra oomph to help and Leatham is certainly that person! HPMA and UHR have this role as a standard part of their organisations and Karen and Leatham and Policy Board will be looking at how we make this happen for PPMA this year.

So finally, with apprenticeships, women in leadership and increased membership as my priorities for my term I am pleased to say that I have moved them all forward for those coming along after me to continue. I have loved being your El Presidente (as so many of you have called me) and I look forward to supporting the PPMA for years to come.”