On the 9th working day before #PPMAHR18, we want to remind you about some of our shortlisted award entrants.

We absolutely love our Annual Excellence in People Management awards programme. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the incredible work going on across the sector. But as important as the celebrations are, the best thing about the awards for us is that it provides an opportunity to share great practice and prevent us from reinventing the wheel.

In financially challenging times, the capacity to share and learn is a massive advantage for each of us as practitioners, but also for our employers. Reinventing the wheel is a waste.

Longstanding members of PPMA will know that we updated our award categories again last year. We also put a real focus on evidence. So it’s not enough to have just done a great piece of work, it’s more important to show what difference it made over time.

This past year we’ve put a huge effort into making sure that the Awards process is known about right across Public Service. We’re really pleased with the response this year. We have had entrants from Local and Central Government, Blue Light and NHS colleagues.

We hope to see even more next year, but for now please take a look at the fantastic shortlisted entrants for each category.

Wish them well – they have all put a huge amount of effort into their submissions.