About the Region

The North region covers 12 counties and stretches from Newcastle to Hull, Carlisle to Manchester and everywhere in-between.  It is geographically diverse with large parts of the northern area being rural, along with several major towns and cities across the region.

We are engaging with current and potential new members to determine what challenges they face and to ensure the events and support we offer are tailored towards their needs.  With feedback and input from members across the region we are committed to providing a valuable membership offer.

Given the huge geographical area of our region, we are considering how best to manage our collaborative relationship.  Your feedback is welcome as we strive to make our interaction as efficient and effective as possible.

Please email [email protected]

Local Issues Impacting the Region

Our issues are reflective of other regions is the UK: –

  • Supporting our workforce and services to manage the impact of a reduced cost envelope on
    our communities
  • Addressing HR/OD priorities by working collaboratively in many parts of the region and we
    are committed to expanding on this
  • Our workforce is our most valuable asset and we have a duty to assist staff in maintaining
    their wellbeing
  • Understanding how the use of technology, digital and AI can positively impact our
    transformation of services
  • The requirement to fully advocate for protected characteristics in order to positively engage
    our workforce and residents
  • Making succession planning and leadership development a priority to support sustainability
    for the future