Hello PPMA members and friends

We’re absolutely delighted to announce the following:

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Health People Managers Association (HPMA), Public Services People Managers Association (PPMA) and Universities HR (UHR) has today announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create a collective voice for HR across public service.

The memorandum outlines how the four organisations intend to collaborate to promote the development of workforce strategies, policy, talent management programmes, research, thought leadership that will enable the delivery of 21st Century public service workforces.

Thousands of highly committed HR & OD professionals will benefit from the collective efforts of the four membership bodies. The arrangement confirms each organisation’s commitment to building strong, diverse, high performing HR & OD communities that can best support the millions of people employed in public service and the Third Sector. The MoU, which runs from 2018 to 2023 will enable this by agreeing that all parties will work together to:

  • Collaborate on a range of activities and issues to ensure they enhance the collective voice or their professions on a broad range of workforce issues
  • Identify areas where they can work together to deliver cross-sector talent development opportunities to their members, more effective workforce solutions and services for public service employers and ultimately deliver the most effective services to the public
  • Where appropriate, open up each organisation’s regional events to offer members maximum opportunities to network across sectors
  • Support each other’s conferences, regional events and research programmes to showcase and share good practice
  • As needed, develop joint responses to consultations and issues of the day to ensure that a cross-public service position is presented

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive for the CIPD, said: “The role that the HR and OD function plays and the value it brings has never been more important in the context of the many changes we are seeing in the world of work, from the changing nature of the workforce, to the impact of technology. Public service organisations collectively are the largest employer in the country and, through its employees, play a vital role in all our lives in the delivery of the many public services we engage with. The CIPD is delighted to be working with HPMA, PPMA and UHR to further develop professional skills and competencies, and we share the vision of building a strong, confident, and professional HR function playing its part in the development of public services for the future.”

Karen Grave, President PPMA 2018/19 said: “This MOU is a critical recognition of the fact that HR & OD professionals are stronger when we work together. The world of public service workforces is broad ranging, challenging, complex, frustrating at times, but ultimately deeply rewarding. Increasingly the boundaries across our organisations are blurred and for many of our members, working in partnership with private sector organisations is also common. This presents deep opportunities to learn from each other and enhance the entirety of our workforces. PPMA believes that it has a profound duty to work together with colleagues from other public service associations and our professional body CIPD, to develop a passionate, highly skilled, committed, diverse, professional and high performing HR & OD community. PPMA is totally committed to supporting this agreement.”

Sandra Heidinger, Chair of UHR, said: “Collaboration, knowledge sharing, networking, development of excellent practice and ongoing development of HR & OD professionals is critical to mission of UHR. We are proud to assist HR practitioners within the university sector as they deliver world class people management to support higher education staff in delivering excellence in research, teaching and in knowledge exchange. In common with our colleagues in PPMA, HPMA and CIPD, we believe that a healthy, committed and productive workforce drives organisational success with resulting societal impact. This collaborative opportunity allows these key HR and OD professional associations to support and learn from each other for our mutual benefit. UHR is delighted to be a part of this new collaboration and we look forward to being an active participant in our common cause.”

Deborah Tarrant, President of HPMA said: “HPMA fundamentally believes that every health and care organisation should excel in the way that they manage and care for their people. Great people management leads to improved health outcomes and quality of care, resulting in a healthier and more cared for nation. HR & OD professionals are at centre stage in the development of world class people management. Collaboration with CIPD, PPMA and UHR represents an exciting opportunity for HR & OD professionals to work in partnership across the whole public service system delivering the very best across the public service sector.”

For more information on this fantastic collaboration contact Karen Grave – [email protected] or Grace Davies – [email protected]