Hello PPMA members and friends

The recruitment challenges we face as a sector continue and attracting the right talent is crucial. So our blog post this week was written by our good friends and supporters Jobs Go Public and they share some valuable ideas about creating job advertisements to ensure the best chance of success.

You’ve done all the right things to optimise your role online. Invested ample resources into promoting it.  But you’re still not having any success converting those jobseekers into applicants for your role? You might need to look at the job advert itself rather than your hiring strategy.

When creating your job advert, you need to consider these following factors to ensure the success of your role.

Salary VS Requirements  

Firstly, you need to make sure that what you’re asking from your candidates is reasonable. If you’re offering a salary that sits on the low end for this job title, then an expectation of multiple years of experience would likely not align with the candidates in your price range. If a certain level of expertise is essential for the position, the salary offering may need to be evaluated. Jobs Go Public offer a salary benchmarking service for our clients to assist with this.


Money isn’t the only driving factor for talent. What are you offering jobseekers that your competitors aren’t? Undergoing competitor research will allow you to see what your employee value proposition is, and if it needs to change to keep up with industry standards. For example, 72% of our jobseekers stated that hybrid working was a key benefit they looked for.

Job Advert Copy

Getting jobseekers to the point where they’re looking at your JD is great. But what sort of job advert are you showing them? We’ve often found that simply improving the wording and layout of a job advert can drastically improve conversion rates of job applications. If you’re unsure how to build an effective job advert, contact our team to discuss your next hiring campaign.

Career Site

We discuss the benefits of having a site devoted to your organisation’s recruitment on our career sites product page. It’s proven that you’re three times more likely to make quality hires by using this method. It gives you the opportunity to shout about the benefits of working with you and showcase your people!

Application Process 

How easy is your application process to complete? Are you asking candidates to tediously fill out multiple forms to apply for a role? You’re likely to lose a lot of applicants this way. It makes sense to ask a few essential questions to assist with the shortlisting process, but you need to make sure you’re not asking for too much admin on the candidate’s side.

Once you’re sure that your toolkit is complete, you’ll be in much better standing when undergoing your recruitment strategy. If you’re looking for ways to optimise this process, reach out to our team.

We hope that you will find these tips helpful and we’d like to thank Jobs Go Public for sharing it with us.