Hello PPMA members and friends

Next Thursday, the 15th June is the closing date for applications for the HR Rising Star and ONE TO WATCH talent programmes. Taking part in these brilliant programmes is a great chance to help develop the potential skills and qualities in order to become future leaders in the Public Sector. So many past participants have gone on to achieve great things and below we’ve asked last year’s ONE TO WATCH winner Claire Kirke from Bury Council 5 questions about her experience.

  1. Where are you currently working, what is your role and why did you want to apply?

I’m currently working at Bury Council in the role of HR Business Partner. I wanted to apply to the PPMA – ONE TO WATCH programme to help build my confidence in both my working and personal life by trying something completely brand new, pushing myself out of my comfort zone. After reading about others’ experience from attending the programme, it sounded like an amazing opportunity (which it absolutely was!) which I didn’t want to miss out on participating in.

  1. How did you find the programme and what did you enjoy the most?

I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and would recommend it to anyone. It’s really hard to choose what I enjoyed the most because there were so many different aspects which were all equally brilliant! If I had to narrow it down, personally I loved meeting the other participants who were taking part, and carrying out the different activities with them was so beneficial. Seeing the different ways in which people worked and processed things was very influential, and definitely gave me plenty to think about. The skills and techniques learnt really are priceless and will help me so much as I progress through a career in HR.

  1. What influence do you think the development  and experience from the programme will have on your future career?

As mentioned above, the skills and techniques learnt have been so valuable and will most definitely have a positive impact on a future career in HR. The programme helped me look at things from an alternative perspective, and think about things that may not have crossed my mind before. One of the things I get nervous about is standing in front of people and presenting or talking. Part of the programme helped the participants tackle that situation in such a positive way, and Leatham’s view of ‘it’s not nervousness, it’s excitement’ will forever stick with me!

  1. Since winning has anything happened for you and if so, what?

Whilst applying for the programme and after winning the programme, I have had full support shown from my organisation 😊!. As my role is career graded, I feel positive that the things learnt and taken away from participating in the programme will have a real influence on helping me progress through the role.

  1. What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking about taking part in this year’s programme?

My advice would be to 100% go for it! It’s honestly such an incredible experience from start to finish. Everyone is so lovely and supportive, and will encourage you to be the best you can be 😊.

You can see Claire and also Neisha Porter a past HR Rising Star winner talking more about their experience in the video below.

Find out more about this year’s programme and how to enter on our website.

We look forward to welcoming you to this year’s cohort!