Dear PPMA friends

Leadership at the best of times is challenging. Covid-19 has shone even more of a spotlight on those in leadership positions, wherever they sit in our organisations, our politics and society more broadly. Leadership makes or breaks an organisation and that really matters when what your organisation is about is delivering vital public services. And in these times, all public services have shown themselves to be vital.

Delivering business as usual is complex, nuanced and tough enough as it is. Leaders are easily worshipped and just as easily pulled down. But leaders are human too. Covid-19 has stretched our leadership community more than we could have ever thought possible. Responding to the scale of crisis we have seen isn’t anywhere on a leadership course curriculum.

We’ve seen leaders (and plenty of other people too) do utterly extraordinary things over this last 6 months. However, it’s often a lonely role. In this podcast Piali Das Gupta and Julie Biggs talk to Karen Wormwell about leadership in Covid times.

Piali Das Gupta               Julie Biggs

It’s a wonderful listen, I hope you enjoy it too.