On the 8th working day before #PPMAHR18, we wanted to say an additional word about our PPMA Excellence in People Management Awards Public Sector HRD of the Year award.

This is an award that is really important to us for all sorts of reasons. Whilst there are other national award programmes where HRD’s are recognised, we wanted to showcase the unique challenges public sector HRD’s face.

There is a fine line between ensuring that people risks are managed well without the HR & OD function being seen as blockers and the policy police. They also have to gain the confidence of the senior leadership team to ensure that workforce is at the heart of organisational life – and critically that truth is told to power.

It might seem an obvious statement but there are many Chief Executives and other Leadership colleagues who don’t necessarily share that view.

Tom Riordan, Chief Executive at Leeds City Council spoke really powerfully at the opening of our Northern HR Forum last October. He said that for him HR represents the “Praetorian Guard of Leadership and Values”. We at PPMA love that and wholeheartedly agree with Tom.

Our two shortlisted entrants, Caroline Anderson from Land Registry and Jill Parker from Doncaster Council absolutely fall into that category. Both of the submissions entered on their behalf were utterly inspiring. They are both worthy candidates for this award.

The winner of this award will carry the added knowledge that every single judge in this year’s programme participated in assessing this category.

Best of luck Caroline and Jill! We are really proud of you.