Hello PPMA friends

Here is a statement from PPMA in response to the announcement made by the Chancellor on 25th November 2020 about a public sector pay freeze.

‘The Chancellor announced plans to freeze Public Sector pay from next year, except those who work in the NHS or earn under the national median wage of approximately £24,000. However, firefighters, teachers, police, council, government staff and the armed forces would have pay rises “paused” to reduce public expenditure.
This inconsistency across the sector is disappointing and it will not ultimately help stimulate economic recovery by taking spending power out of the pockets of hardworking public sector workers that have been critical to the national effort in combating the pandemic and responding to the needs of local communities and supporting our most vulnerable. All of our key workers have done so willingly and often enduring personal losses and tragedies.
It is entirely wrong for the government to expect dedicated public servants, some of them often on low rates of pay already, to be further disadvantaged.’