Hello PPMA friends

With the brilliant PPMA Annual Conference over for another year, we sat down with the talented Haley Camporese, HR Consultant at Onesource and the PPMA Rising Star 2019 Winner, to find out more about what makes her tick. We asked her 8 questions about her work, dreams, aspirations and life outside of work and below are her replies.

  1. Tell us something about the job you do? I help manage the agency worker contract we have in place at Havering and Newham – this entails weekly checks, manager meetings, complaints… I have also been involved in high level recruitment campaigns (one of which was for the new Chief Exec of Newham) and numerous recruitment and retention projects.
  2. When you were growing up what did you want to be and why? When I was growing up I wanted to be an air hostess – I think it was the fact that they all looked glamourous ,wore a uniform and travelled around the world (maybe unconsciously it was because they helped look after people, and that’s what I wanted to do)!
  3. What dreams did you have about how your life would be? I obviously wanted to be extremely rich and have everything that I wanted!! But I didn’t really plan things out in my head – I went where the money was and did numerous roles ranging from banking to facilities – it wasn’t until I had my children and came to work for the council that my dreams changed and I realised I just wanted my family and me to be comfortable and happy.
  4. What was it like to take part in HR Rising Star – and how did it feel to win? The HR Rising Star event was a truly inspiring couple of days. I met wonderful people, all with amazing personalities and talent. Although some of the exercises were quite intense, the whole atmosphere that Leatham and the coaches created was relaxed and cheerful and it never felt like a competition. When I won I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and excitement that I had been noticed for my ideas and passion for life.
  5. What’s next for you? Well…..I am very happy with my role now – I have a great manager and team and feel supported in everything I do. I am being given chances to enhance my personal development within HR and presenting to high level managers re future changes within the councils.
  6. When you’re not working, what do you do with your time? When I’m not taking the kids around to their many after school clubs, picking them up from friends houses or creating an under water diorama for the youngest (they have more of a social life then me!) you can find me trying to create new healthy recipes (we are on a health kick at the moment!) or binge watching net flicks, American Horror story (once the children are in bed of course!) I also like to read crime and occasionally get together with friends, when time allows.
  7. What do you love about working in public service? For where I work now, the location – as easy to get to – no more trains to Liverpool street! The ability to have flexi leave, work from home and generally be trusted to get on with your work! For me, I am lucky, as I have a great team and I enjoy the work that I do.
  8. If you had the ability to change 1 thing for the better in public service, what would that be and why? I would change the process of change – we seem to have to jump through so many hoops and get changes signed off by so many people that it takes too long to make change.

Haley Camporese, HR Consultant at Onesource & PPMA Rising Star 2019 Winner