The latest podcast in our new series is on the topic of Behaviour Science and it’s role in the management of Covid-19. In it, Professor Jim McManus, Director of Public Health at Hertfordshire CC and VP of the Association of Directors of Public Health, talks about what the science is and how it’s being used by the government and also the HR and OD community in these difficult times.

He also discusses the importance of the HR & OD community working together with other public services communities, the role of public health modelling and why it’s needed in from a workforce demand and supply perspective, how to filter out some of the constant information we’re bombarded with in order to stay resilient and protect our mental health and how council staff might be deployed to help with contact tracing.

Jim also shares some information about the Behavioural Science and Public Health Network which is a group that he chairs. It’s role is to link behavioural science to the health of the public and he believes that HR & OD professionals would benefit tremendously from becoming  member. Karen is a member of the network and she is working with Jim to talk about how we might be able to collaborate to offer specially tailored podcasts, webinars and other events for PPMA members. You can find about more about the network here and we will be sending out more information shortly.

We hope you find the podcast useful and inspiring in these difficult times.

Stay safe.