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Executive Leadership Coaching

CEOs and Senior Managers don’t have people they can be completely honest with about their leadership. That’s where executive leadership coaching can make a huge difference. WME have a number of experienced executive leadership coaches who provide both the space and the appropriate challenge to help leaders be at their best.

Coaching and Mentoring Pool

This is an innovative, large-scale, practitioner-led project that is part of an ongoing drive to improve public sector performance. Over 25 organisations subscribe to the pool, collaborating to provide cost-effective internal and external coaching and mentoring across the West Midlands, with the vision of ‘Enabling people to become the best they can be, whatever the work environment’.

Online Coaching

PPMA are pleased to be able to offer some online coaching with the aim of improving resilience and wellbeing as well as developing people to be adaptable to change. These include Mindsets Modules, designed to create sustainable behavioural change in employees, and coaching lessons, a library of e-learning modules to teach everyone the skills needed to coach others.

Coaching and Mentoring Training and Development

We have a variety of training and development options to enhance the coaching and mentoring skills of your employees, from basic introductions to a recognised qualification. We have a suite of training options and are able to deliver bespoke sessions at managers’ forums, team events and conferences.

Supervision for Coaches and Mentors

Ongoing development of coaches and mentors is important and helps build motivation, skills and to ensure ethical standards are maintained. Supervision in particular provides an opportunity for coaches and mentors to reflect on their practice. Research from the CIPD suggests that ‘When coaches open their work to scrutiny by another experienced practitioner, the quality of coaching is improved.’ We have supported many organisations to continue developing the skills of their coaches and mentors.

Development Academy

Some text about our talent programme offers.