Andy has been Chief HR Office at Leeds City Council since September 2019,  he moved into local government from a successful career at The University of Sheffield.  Andy is a strategic and HR Leader with a demonstrated history of working in large complex organisations.  Skilled in business planning, culture change, talent & performance management and strategic & OD leadership, Andy is a nationally acclaimed and multi award winning H R practitioner. Graduate of the universities of Leeds and Bath, Andy loves running, tolerates cycling, struggles with swimming!

The Vice President’s Key Responsibilities

In general, each Vice President’s key responsibilities are as follows:

(i) to provide support to the President in providing highly visible leadership for the Association and to further the vision, values and objectives of the Association.

(ii) To ensure, together with the President and other Board members that the work of the association is undertaken according to our values.

(iii) To support the President in maintaining our existing relationships and building new relationships with partners, sponsors and other key stakeholders.

Other individual responsibilities are focused on the scope of each role.  For example the Vice President: Regions is responsible for regional liaison and familiarisation with regional issues and ensuring that these are taken into account nationally, where appropriate.