We created our Ambassador role for people who want to support the work of PPMA but have limited time to give to us.  This new role gives us more flexibility to publicise particular issues and give people the opportunity to contribute in ways that allow them to work on issues that really matter to them.

Our PPMA Ambassadors are both members of the association and other valued friends.  This year our Ambassadors come from our speaker and member community.

They are:

  • Keeley Metcalfe.  Keeley is our Rising Star Runner Up 2018.  She was an outstanding participant in the programme that year.  In reality, she has already been promoting and supporting the work of the Association.  Keeley cares both about out Let’s Talk: You offering but also the project that so impressed our Rising Star judges.  She is passionate about recruiting and retaining social workers.  We’re going to be working with her on making this a national initiative.  You can get in touch with Keeley here.
  • Krys Gadd.  Many of you will know Krys from her Conference appearances.  Krys is passionate about learning and runs her own company.  She is also a wonderful doodler and we first came across her when she was doing something for us at our Northern Forum.  She has captured memories from our 2018 and 2019 conferences.  More recently we have worked with her on ‘Getting Nosy’.  Aligned with our Let’s Talk: Evidence theme, getting nosy about outcomes and evidence means that we are more able to demonstrate the value that HR & OD can add to our organisations.  Being curious also helps us be open to solutions and ideas that otherwise we might miss.
  • Richard Crouch. Richard started his career as a college lecturer, in which he developed a specialist consulting arm for clients in the UK and abroad. From there he moved into senior college management before entering a long career in public sector HR and Organisational Development in which he gained a national reputation, working for the Leadership Centre for Local Government as it’s OD specialist and serving as the 2013/14 President of the Public Sector People Managers Association. In the latter few years, Richard served as a deputy chief executive of two councils, as a chief operations officer in a city council in which he directed all front line services and for nine months acted as an interim chief executive. Richard’s varied career makes him a unique individual who can deliver both HR and Organisational Development from a front line and senior managerial perspective and also lead and manage a wide range of services.
  • Stuart Elrick. Stuart won our PPMA President’s Award for Special Contribution in 2018.  A stalwart of the association for more years than is polite to mention, Stuart served in a variety of Board positions with distinction.   He’s tried to retire from PPMA several times, but we won’t allow it.  Stuart speaks for us on a number of issues.

We hope that you will look out for what our Ambassadors have to say.

Stuart Elrick

Past PPMA Secretary

[email protected]

Keeley Metcalfe

PPMA Rising Star 2018 Runner up

[email protected]

Richard Crouch 

PPMA President 2013/14

[email protected]

Krystyna Gadd

How to Accelerate Learning

[email protected]

If you would like more information on our structure, you can contact Grace or Karen.