I’m Gordon McFarlane, and I’m delighted to take on the role of PPMA President after joining the PPMA Board as a vice president in 2020. I’ve worked in HR for about 25 years and have experience of working in a number of different councils around the country. I’m currently an Assistant Director in Leicestershire County Council, and have been there for nearly 8 years. I’ve also been an active member of the County Council Heads of HR network with the PPMA since joining Leicestershire.

The President’s Key Responsibilities

The President’s key responsibilities are:

(i) To act as the Association’s principal ambassador at a range of functions and meetings.

(ii) To ensure the Association’s professional views are represented in response to requests from other organisations/bodies and enquiries from media organisations.

(iii) With the Strategic Management Board, ensure that the PPMA remains financially viable and organises itself to create the most appropriate plans on behalf of Association Members, acting in line with our PPMA values at all times.

(iv) With the Vice President Talent and Membership, Vice President Strategic Themes and Vice President Regions ensure that the PPMA’s membership offering is broadened and developed to enhance the reputation and standing of the PPMA with current and potential members.

(v) Ensure that the Associations key strategic and commercial relationships are maintained effectively.