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The President of the association provides overall and highly visible leadership for the Association.

The President and his/her Vice-Presidents are at the forefront of publicising the work at the Association both nationally and internationally.

Our President for 2018/2020 is Karen Grave

Karen has worked in HR and OD in public and private sectors in a career spanning more years than she cares to remember.  She is passionate about public services, believing that well run public services are critical to how well our society runs.  For her, workforce is at the heart of everything public servants do.  Whilst technology, policy and processes have a huge role to play, none of this matters without engaged, committed, passionate and productive workforces.  She is committed during her term to continuing with ongoing PPMA work to raise and develop our collective professional voice so that every decision taken about the what, why and how of public services harness the inherent passion, creativity, innovation and commitment of the broader public service workforce.

Karen’s term ends in April 2020.

You can email our President at: [email protected]

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The President’s Key Responsibilities

The President’s key responsibilities are:

(i) To act as the Association’s principal ambassador at a range of functions and meetings.

(ii) To ensure the Association’s professional views are represented in response to requests from other organisations/bodies and enquiries from media organisations.

(iii) With the Strategic Management Board, ensure that the PPMA remains financially viable and organises itself to create the most appropriate plans on behalf of Association Members, acting in line with our PPMA values at all times.

(iv) With the Vice President Talent and Membership, Vice President Strategic Themes and Vice President Regions ensure that the PPMA’s membership offering is broadened and developed to enhance the reputation and standing of the PPMA with current and potential members.

(v) Ensure that the Associations key strategic and commercial relationships are maintained effectively.



The Public Services People Managers Association (PPMA) is the first choice association for people professionals in public services.

For more than 40 years we have been a collective voice for a highly qualified, passionate, committed and diverse public services Human Resources (HR) and Organisation Development (OD) community. We play a critical role in influencing key decision-makers and stakeholders involved in people management and workforce issues.


Our Regions

Our Regions

Our Regions are the lifeblood of the PPMA.

They provide the opportunity for our members to meet, share, exchange and learn from each other and their organisations.

The aim within each region is to provide a meeting, whether real or virtual, on a variety of HR and OD subject matters. These meetings give our members an opportunity to hear about latest issues, research, or showcase of work happening in the HR/OD world.


The Knowledge Bank

The Knowledge Bank

The PPMA Knowledge Bank is a members only resource offering access to a wealth of best practice information, including case studies, toolkits, PPMA and Sponsor thought leadership papers, that you can use in your day to day practice.

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