Yazad Dalal

Head of Strategy, HCM Cloud Applications, Europe, Middle East & Africa Oracle Corporations

A Human Capital Management (HCM) strategy leader at Oracle Corporation. He is responsible for overall strategy and business growth of Oracle’s HCM Cloud solutions across the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. He is also passionate about identifying and sharing future trends in all areas of Human Capital Management. Yazad and his team work with HR and business leaders to deliver technology solutions that enable them to transform their organizations and modernise their workforce tools. He was previously Head of HCM Cloud Applications for Oracle Asia Pacific.

Prior to joining Oracle in 2015, Yazad was EVP, Asia, of TMP Worldwide, the world’s largest independent HR communications and technology firm. He held various leadership roles at TMP in both North America and Asia, working in New York, Bangalore and Singapore.

Yazad has spent 20 years working in the human capital space, including senior positions at Vault.com, the leading career information resource for high potential students and young professionals, and at Monster Worldwide, where he led the Global Sales Development group. As a Human Capital expert, he has lectured at INSEAD, given keynote presentations at major national and international HR forums and has appeared in over 20 mainstream, business and HR publications in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Yazad is based in London.


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