Winter wonderland, HR’s Most Influential and being sent to Coventry

Morning all – don’t know about where you all are, but sunny Suffolk wasn’t sunny this morning but instead looked more like the inside of a fridge/freezer.

I’m sat on a train writing this (keeping up the trend from last year) heading for London to chair the LGjobs steering group for the IDeA. If you’ve not taken up the free jobs posting service for your council, I suggest you take a look at this.

Scanning the trade press, I notice that HR Magazine is seeking nominations for the 2009 Most Influential list – for the categories of Most Influential HR practitioner and Most Influential H R thinker. The public sector and the PPMA had a great showing at the top end of the list last year – it would be great if we could improve on this for 2009. Nominations can be e-mailed to: [email protected]

Not to many other things to report this week, but a couple of asides before finishing:

Coventry City Council is looking for a new Head of HR. This is a great job for someone, working with the wonderful Bev Messinger, Director of Customer and Workforce Services and currently Joint Acting Chief Exec – great stuff Bev!

– I’m writing a piece for People Management on the what I see the conflict between Equality and Diversity to be – thoughts welcome via e-mail or comments on the blog. Many thanks to PPMA’s Diversity lead Janice Joannou for some great thoughts already.

Have a good and safe weekend in the winter wonderland and spare a thought for the public servants who have to work outside in the cold and keep the roads safe for us to use.

Best wishes


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