Hello PPMA members and friends,

A very Happy New Year to you!

When I first moved to Norfolk I was intrigued to learn that here 31st December is hailed as “old year’s night” and not “New Year’s Eve” as I had always known it.  I guess that that as 2011 came to a close, some of us were reflecting on all that has happened in the last year, while others were thinking much more intently about 2012 and what it might bring.

Many people working in the public sector are concerned and upset that we are seeing the end of many things that they value, services, ways of working, the loss of respected colleagues. Others are excited about the possibility of new ways of doing things, a different kind of public service, and new opportunities. Many more will find themselves buffeted between these two extremes and feeling very uncertain.

This is an important point that in HR we all need to keep at the front of our minds throughout 2012. In some ways it might be seen as nothing more than the well known change curve, but I think it is quite different from anything any of us have experienced in leading and facilitating organisational change. The sheer scale of the changes that people are facing, in their working lives, their professional lives and in their personal lives is without precedent for today’s workforce.  Because of this, we must give careful and extended thought to how we ensure people are supported through the changes. We must keep our fingers firmly on the pulse of our organisations and pay close attention to the different points of view that will be affecting how people react. And in response we will need to be in turns cautious and bold.

Remember that sometimes what you think is the end is just the beginning!

OR, as my surfer son always reminds me, as one wave breaks, another is building!

Until next week,