Hello PPMA members and friends

Happy New Year to you all – hopefully you’ve had a good time and a nice refreshing break and are all fired up to rise to the opportunities and challenges that 2017 may bring? Our first blog post of the year is from Leatham Green, who is Programme Director at Orbis and is the driving force behind the innovative PPMA Rising Stars programme, which over the last few years, has recognised and promoted top HR talent. He tells us more about the programme.

“One of my favourite songs came on the radio the other day – Noah and the Whale’s ‘ In Five Years’ Time’ (great track if you don’t know it) and it got me thinking about what we hoped to achieve from HR Rising Stars as we enter our fifth year.

This event came about following on from a conversation between myself and Raffaela Goodby  (Director of Workforce and OD at Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust) about the need to be able to attract and nurture the best talent at an early stage of their career. We were conscious that not all organisations can offer the range of development opportunities due to lack of scale or resources, and we thought it would be a great idea to create something that would enable them to access high quality development.

As a sector, we must ensure we have the capacity and capability coming through the profession. It’s not about age or job type, it’s about nurturing those with aspirations to become leader in the future. So looking back over the last four years it is so rewarding to reflect on the number of brilliant professionals that we have been able to work with (over 60 colleagues have participated to date) and the fact that many have gone on to greater and better things with their career a real added bonus.

It has been a privilege to work with our key sponsor Manpower Group who have been so very generous with their time and expertise coaching and nurturing the talent that we have worked with.

It has also been a huge bonus to have the Local Government Association as part of the event and Suzanne Hudson, Senior Advisor who has opened many opportunities for past participants to share their ideas to senior influencers within local government.  Without this support we could not have made such a difference to so many future leaders.

So what is in store for the next five years?  The refreshed and newly named ‘PPMA HR STAR’ event was launched in November and I am confident that we will continue to seek out and shine a spot light on some amazing and talented colleagues who will continue to impress.

So if you know of a brilliant HR professional – at whatever stage they are in their career – who you believe is destined for greater things, then encourage them to step up and set the public service world alight. We would be thrilled to work with them.”

Leatham Green

Programme Director, Orbis