West Midlands Workforce Matters – Discussions from an Open Space Session

Hello PPMA members and friends

Sue Evans, Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development, Resources Group, at Warwickshire County Council and PPMA Vice-President, recently attended an Open Space Session sponsored by PPMA West Midlands and WM Employers and shares with us some of the discussions that took place on the day.

“We met at the Impact Hub in central Birmingham on Friday 12th February. The Impact Hub is a contemporary urban space designed for innovation and creativity. It was a great space to hold our Open Space session where new thinking and collaboration were at the fore in our intentions. The idea was to provide some time and space for structured networking  and the shared application of new thinking to some of our common issues. We usually have speakers at these gatherings but sometimes it is good to recognise the expertise and experience in the region and to take the time out to hear what others are doing and to share our ideas and different approaches.

About 20 of us gathered over croissants and coffee and each person put forward an issue that they are grappling with currently. These ranged from agile and flexible working, through managerial capacity building to performance and reward. Each table selected the one issue they wanted to work on and then, applying the “law of two feet” people moved to the table with the problem they most wanted to address.

Lively debate, discussion and contribution of ideas ensued. Time was kept by the facilitators and the tables then fed back on their discussions and solutions. The rest of the room was invited to comment and contribute to the solutions.

Initial feedback is good – people found the session energising and engaging and most left with something to work on or try out. If you haven’t tried open space, consider it as a way of opening up conversations, developing collaboration and putting some stricture around a networking opportunity.

WMWM – West Midlands Workforce Matters is a group open to members and non-members of WM Employers and PPMA which comes together to discuss, learn and share all matters workforce. We meet in the spirit of collaboration to learn together and support each other. We’d love to see you there.”

Sue Evans is Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development, Resources Group, Warwickshire County Council and PPMA Vice-President

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