Unsung Heroes

The weekend was, once again, an example of nature at its worst. My heart went out to the poor people of Morpeth and the other communities of the North East particularly affected by flooding. Having lived in the North East, I still have an affinity for that part of the world and was really saddened to see the devastation caused.

My reason for mentioning this? Well disasters or emergencies such as this, whether natural or man made, call upon HR people to really summon up all of their strength and stamina to manage all the people implications and to support the eminence of essential public services via employees who are probably also affected by the floods – HR has a key role to play.

During the major flooding in Gloucestershire previously, Sue Scrivens and the HR Team at the County Council were rightly praised and highlighted for their work to support the recovery efforts. Equally, I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the work I am sure is going on by the HR teams in Northumberland and elsewhere within the country in response to the flooding – unsung heroes one and all.

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