Tom Elliott  

HR/Talent Practice Lead SAGlobal

Tom Elliott has worked in HR since 2005, when he got back from a stint of southern hemisphere backpacking, applied for every job in the local paper, and accepted the first one he was offered which happened to be a Personnel Assistant role in Local Government.

After various changes of role and employer, he now works in the private sector for a global company, implementing HR solutions on the Microsoft Dynamics platform for customers around the world. Apart from the airmiles and tiny hotel toiletries, the thing he enjoys most about his role is finding that wherever he goes in the world, there’s always a passive aggressive sign about doing your own washing up on the wall in the office kitchen.

In 2010, while working for East Sussex County Council, Tom transitioned from female to male. Since then he’s been largely ‘stealth’ in his working life, choosing not to declare his trans status to subsequent employers and customers, primarily because it’s not really any of their business. He does however enjoy selectively sharing information about his past for maximum impact and personal amusement, like the time a colleague jokily asked him in the pub if he was in the Brownies as a child, and he agreed (she didn’t get it).

Joking aside, he’s a great believer in the power of personalising labels, and given half a chance, will talk happily about the experience of seeing the world and the workplace from two sides of the gender divide.

Tom lives in East Sussex with his girlfriend Emma and a very needy black and white cat called The Dowager Mrs Lulu Flufferton.


Participating in:

Day 2 Thursday 22nd April

2:00pm – 3.00pm

The Transgender lived experience 

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