Hello PPMA members and friends

Hamish Davidson, Chairman of senior level recruitment company Davidson & Partners has written a very interesting article recently in the MJ highlighting what he sees as the problems with recruitment panels.

He talked about the standardised questioning approach often taken in recruitment interviews to tick the equalities box and both he and I (Richard Crouch, PPMA Vice-President) agreed that it doesn’t do anything for getting the best out of recruitment, nor equalities.

To read what Hamish had to say, click this link – Hamish Davidson MJ article 23rd August 2012

This is a link to my response, which also appeared in the MJ – Richard Crouch MJ letter 13th September 2012

I’m keen to find out what you think about recruitment panels.  What are your panels like?  Do you agree with Hamish and I, or do you have another view?  You can tell us your thoughts by clicking on the ‘Comments’  button above.

I look forward to an interesting debate!

Richard Crouch – PPMA Vice-President