The Foundations of Organisations Are Still People


Hello PPMA members and friends

Alan Warner is our ‘Past President’ this week and he looks back on the issues during his time as SOCPO President.

“SOCPO was created in 1975 by people who had vision and a deep understanding that shared ideas, mutual support, continuous improvement and a collective professional voice could be of great benefit to local authorities. The PPMA emerged in 2006 retaining the original aims and values.

SOCPO/PPMA can point to many achievements over the years including the role played in influencing and developing practical approaches to pay, CCT, Local Government Review, equalities and swathes of employment legislation.
I ‘googled’ what I said as President in 2004 and picked out the following:

  • I said that the unions and employers were so far apart on pay I feared `it will all end in tears’.
  • I told the world I was a great supporter of the modernisation agenda and e-HR.
  • Talent management and bringing on rising stars was high on my agenda.

In 2015 there are some different issues but the foundations of organisations are still people. Every HR professional is grappling with huge change and there are some wonderfully innovative approaches to doing things differently.

The public sector employs terrifically talented and committed people and it is a sadness that certain parts of the media have taken against them. The negative effect on morale is a challenge of our time and it is for  the PPMA to encourage better employee value propositions and irresistible business cases for the proper appreciation of staff that the detractors cannot ignore.

The need for a collective voice has never been greater.”

Alan Warner is former president of SOCPO (2004- 05)

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