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This week we hear from Imogeen Denton, who is Equality and Community Relations Lead at Nottingham City Council, but many of you will also know her, as our 2015 HR ‘Rising Star‘. She shares with us her views on how to attract the best talent for your organisation.

“As we take our organisations forward to address the agendas of the future, we must not lose sight of our role as HR people in attracting talent and how creating a diverse workforce is pivotal. So here are my top ten tips for organisations on attracting talent: as seen through the eyes of a ‘diversity champion’.

  • Understand your workforce profile and how diverse it is at all levels and compare this to the makeup of your customers.
  • Confront the brutal truth about your diversity statistics in terms of where you have gaps, and think strategically about the opportunities you have to address this.
  • Challenge the status quo and start asking questions. Why is the picture the way it is? Why should we change? Could a change improve our business?
  • l Understand the cost to your organisation of not having the right people in place, not only from a financial perspective, but also the cost of poor decision making resulting from seeing things through a narrow lens. Think about the impact on your reputation.
  • l Get creative and ask a diverse range of people and organisations to get involved in finding solutions.
  • Surround yourself with people who celebrate diversity, people who see and value talent differently to you.
  • Think about the future and the skills your organisation will need to succeed in a more competitive world.
  • Persuade the right people to stay and the wrong people to use their skills somewhere that is better for them and better for your customers.
  • Search diligently for the right people and search in places you have never looked before. Look after your people.
  • Treat them with dignity and respect at all times and most of all make sure they know that they are valued!”

Imogeen Denton is PPMA Rising Star 2015, and Equality and Community Relations Lead at Nottingham City Council


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