Take Time to look in the Mirror?

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This week, our guest blogger is Yvonne Skingle, National PPMA Policy Board HR Transformation Lead and Sector Lead – Local Government & Housing at Penna Executive Search. Yvonne gives us all some food for thought and challenges us to take a little time out from our busy lives to think about our own career development.

‘Many of you will have seen ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ on the TV over Christmas and there is a really good message here about looking into the mirror and asking for a view.

Many professional HR and OD staff talk to us about their work achievements with organisational change, employee relations, case work, transactional and technology HR advancements.  And it’s really great to have that business focus.

In my role in Executive Search, I see HR professionals immersed in the challenges of the ‘day job’, believe me I know totally how that feels!   Juggling the daily challenge of managing key stakeholders/partners, your Chief Executive or MD and helping senior managers with their developments both operational and personal – it’s so time consuming.

So when do you take the time to look in your personal mirror?

MY CHALLENGE TO YOU IS……… take some time out, it might only be 1 hour a month to reflect on where YOU are in your career; think about your personal profile and reputation in the market place and take some action.
Some tips to consider:

  • When your boss asks you to do something new and exciting – think about the personal impact you can make and how it will help you to build a profile.
  • Reflect on the feedback you get from others and have confidence.  I see so many successful HR professionals giving quality time to how they present, offer confidence, outline their achievements and offer honesty about their development needs.
  • Think about the last time you worked with your top leadership team on the future public sector landscape rather than responding to immediate demands – it’s probably too long ago!
  • Give yourself all the sound advice you give other people – what do you do well, what needs improvement, who can help?
  • Are you too ‘internally focused’?  We all really gain from learning from others and attending development sessions – our Peer into the Future Cohorts will all agree with this one!
  • HR can be a lonely place at times so you need the support of some HR Leaders you admire.  I know
  • Who do you look up to as a ‘role model’ and can you explain why?
  • Do you think you are so busy that you can’t take time out to attend a debate if you are invited?

Consider your career and profile as well as help others.
Happy 2015′

Yvonne Skingle

National PPMA Policy Board HR Transformation Lead
Sector Lead – Local Government & Housing, Penna Executive Search

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