Strikes, recruitment and the policy board

Well it’s been a funny couple of weeks, we’ve had the 2 day local government strike and depending upon which part of the country you sit in, this seems to have been managed within relatively minimal disruption and at least the employers and the unions appear to be willing to talk with “nothing ruled in, nothing ruled out”. I’m seeing Jan Parkinson from the LGE next week and will see what further insights I can glean from her.

On the local front, I’ve been personally tied up with recruiting two Heads of Service for my Directorate – one for Corporate Development (including Corporate Policy, Partnerships and OD & Learning) and a new Head of Communications. I’m delighted that I’ve got great appointments for both positions – who says local government hasn’t got talent! Talking of talent, we’ve finally advertised for our vacant PPMA Lead Officer positions… I’m waiting for the flood of calls to come through (I hope the expectations didn’t frighten everyone away).

As seems to have become the norm, it’s also been another round of media enquiries on behalf of PPMA – I have to say that our Board Members are really doing a great job to raise our profile at present, with Gill Hibberd, Dean Shoesmith, Alan Warner, Jim Savege, Richard Crouch, Sue Steen and Martin Rayson all being quoted, pictured and opinionated all over the place and in different sorts of media – well done to them all (I’m continuing my modest efforts in this respect on your behalf as well).

On the congratulations point, I’d also like to publicly congratulate our Pensions lead officer, Jack Markiewicz, currently Service Director for HR at Nottinghamshire County Council for his new appointment as Director of HR & Change at Swindon Borough Council – which for the good memories amongst you, was actually advertised at the PPMA Annual Conference by our Colleagues from SOLACE resourcing.

And finally, I’ve completed a site visit to the venue selected for the PPMA Policy Board overnight meeting in September. This is an annual occurrence for the Board Members to get together and look at key business planning issues for the Association, as well as conducting our normal quarterly meeting. Needless to say the venue is always on the ‘Presidential Patch’ which this year will be in Cambridge. I’m intending that if the weather is nice enough, we’ll do a bit of team-building involving the river Cam and punting……stand by for a September blog entry along the lines of raise the Titanic!

I hope everyone has a great summer and I and other Board Members will continue blogging away – keep reading and comment away!

Best wishes


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