Social networking sites aren’t distractions – they’re a key business tool for the future

The October edition of People Management carried an article in my regular column on the importance of social networking sites in society. My thoughts on this are that there is a danger that we could fall behind by not embracing the opportunities that these fast moving cyberspace developments offer. The next generation of workers will have been brought up using these sites and will not only expect to see their use in attracting them into organisations but also their use within the organisation.

There is vast potential, in my view, for us to think differently about a whole range of organisational communication, development attraction and other strategies but follow the link to the article to read more about this fascinating subject.

As it happens I have also met today with Karen Wormwell and Jon Coulter our colleagues from Ten Horizon who deliver this blog to PPMA followers! Karen and Jon were telling me about the exciting work they are developing with clients in the use of social networking to enhance brand and reputation. They also told me about a number of public sector organisations who are already doing this successfully such as Newcastle City Council with Twitter and Barnet Council with Facebook.

In another interesting development, I’m going to be taking a paper to the next Board meeting of PPMA to discuss how we might be bale to make use of social networking sites to attract more interest in PPMA, keep people up to date with our development, and to give opportunities for more interaction and discussion amongst members – watch this space.

Next week I’m off to speak at the SPDS Conference in St Andrews on behalf of PPMA and am hoping to use technology to post a live blog and photos from the event!

In the meantime have a great weekend.


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