Silence is Golden

Not a lot to say this week or last week really (makes a change I know!) Lots of energy and attention still going on behind the scenes to prepare for the PPMA conference – have you booked your place yet?

On the PPMA front, I’ve been fairly low key in the last couple of weeks, simply due to the needs of Cambridgeshire County Council. However, yesterday I attended the IDeA Board meeting (via PPMA I get a seat on the Board as a non-executive director). Whilst performing this role on behalf of the IDeA, I still ensure that issues relating to HR/people management are kept in the minds of the Board. With the current situation at the LGA and Lucy De Groot due to leave the IDeA at the end of March, HR issues featured heavily on the Board agenda – watch the local government trade press to find out more in the coming weeks.

Other than this, today has seen me do some ‘hands-on’ HR work within my authority, dealing with a particular issue – it’s nice to know that I can still actually do operational things and I still get a bit of a buzz from this….note to my team, no don’t worry I won’t make a habit of this!

Anyway, have a good weekend – sure to have some more news for you next week.

Best wishes


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