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This week, our guest blogger is Steve Davies, London Region Chair and Head of HR & OD at Lambeth Living (a housing management company). Given Valentine’s day has recently past Steve asks us to share the love.

‘Saturday the 14 February was Valentine’s day, a traditional time when couple’s get cards/gifts for each other and focus on romance.  Of course these times don’t need to be limited to one day a year but Valentine’s day provides a particular date and opportunity for this to happen.

This year, whilst many couples would have been spending a romantic evening together, my wife and I went to help at the Milton Keynes winter night shelter, a charity providing food, warmth and a bed for the night to homeless people.
The reason I share this with you is not to try and demonstrate how kind, generous and charitable I am (I’m not particularly and this was my wife’s idea), but to highlight that it is good to give your time and effort to help others, and especially charity based organisations.

We are all concerned with stimulating and promoting health and wellbeing in our workforce, well a significant contribution to this can be in supporting and promoting charitable actions which whether directly or indirectly will provide your staff with a feel-good factor.  Many organisations provide a number of days per year (typically 3-5 days per year) to staff to participate in volunteering/ charity based activities.  If your organisation doesn’t do this I would ask you to encourage them to seriously think about the benefits such a scheme can bring to not only the charities/ people in need but also to general workforce wellbeing.

Therefore I urge you all to share the love.’

Steve Davies

London Region Chair and Head of HR & OD at Lambeth Living

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