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Well, following up on my post from last week, I thought you’d all be pleased to hear that Gill Hibberd and I attended an event organised by the CIPD to launch their new programme “Shaping the Future”. This programme is intended to be a cornerstone of the CIPD’s policy and research agenda and will focus on the future of people management and the implications for H R as a consequence. Perhaps CIPD will draw upon PPMA’s Evolution or Extinction Theme for this year? This new research programme, unlike others, will be heavily influenced by HR practitioners like ourselves (Andy Albon and colleagues at Birmingham City Council have already signed up to be a case study I believe).

During the launch we heard an interesting presentation from Dr. Tim Miller, Director of People, Property and Assurance from Standard Chartered Bank. Tim made a lot of sense with what he said and the approach of his organisation to employee engagement was fascinating. As a side note I should add that in a room full of predominantly private sector HR people that Gill and I were both “winners” at the event during one of the exercises and were gifted with pens from the CIPD for our efforts to identify the most important factor in engaging and motivating employees. You guessed it, we both (independent of each other) identified Leadership and A Sense of Purpose as the key factor. What was really strange was the fact that we both also talked about the need for authentic leadership. Talk about continuity for the future of PPMA!

Anyway, what else to report? Well in People Management this week I’ve got another opinion piece – this time on employee relations. The purpose of the piece is to stimulate some debate (as always) and I’d be interested in your comments having read this.

It’s also worth saying that next week sees me head north to Scotland for the SPDS conference in St. Andrews. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to speak at the conference again this year and watch next week’s blog for some more news on this front.

Also, just a pointer towards the PPMA website to say that our intrepid adventurer, Dean Shoesmith, returned safely from America. Dean has produced a series of updates and information items to share his american conference experience with all of us and this will be appearing on the PPMA website – I recommend his report. However PPMA Board members have also been active in travelling the length and breadth of the UK – many thanks to Gill Hibberd and John Tonks for visiting the South West Regional Group. I understand that there was good engagement and attendance at the session – it’s great to hear that we have some flourishing regions out there! This also counts as another region visited by either the President or Vice President this year. A few more to go and we’ll be close to a full house.

Lastly some personal congratulations to HR colleagues from Castle Morpeth for being an award winning HR place to work – I’d say I was surprised, but I’m not – Paul Moody, the Council’s H R and Performance Manager, is someone I studied at college with. If anyone can create a fun working environment, it’s Paul or maybe that’s just my ‘alcohol fuelled’ memories of college?

Best wishes


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  1. Paul Moody 31st October 2008 at 10:58 am - Reply

    Thanks Stephen – very nice words about me. I do want work to be fun but also want to create that sense of purpose you talked about earlier in your blog. These are uncertain times in Castle Morpeth and I cannot thank my team enough for the effort they are putting into their work in the run up to LGR.

    And I don’t remember that much alcohol being consumed at college!

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