Hello PPMA friends

I wanted to say how fantastic the past two days of virtual conference have been. Whilst I couldn’t attend the whole thing because of prior commitments (I only re-joined the board as Interim President within the last two weeks), I certainly got a strong sense of the content and how well it was received from the general social media buzz surrounding the conference and virtual energy from the gallery of attendees.

The team of Leatham, Julie Biggs, Karen Wormwell, Grace Davies and other supporting hosts – Stacey Rebecca Karlson, Fiona McAdoo, Sam Betts, Tracy Brennand, Sonia Grewal, Hannah Bornett, Neisha Porter, Emily Drake, Shawnna Gleeson and Mae Wilson all did a fantastic job pulling this together. I’d also like to thank our amazing sponsors and supporters who also helped to make the event such a success.

I mentioned it during my introduction as Interim President, but the last few months have shown the best of the HR profession and highlighted the versatility, adaptability and resilience of everyone. The breadth and quality of entries for our PPMA awards has been brilliant and the winners will provide great content for our webinars over the next few months.

We are certainly looking forward to having a real life conference, hopefully in April, in Manchester, but as an event to help tide us over and showcase the best of the association and its members we could not have hoped for more.

Steve Davies, Interim President