Public Sector Transformation – What Does it Mean for the Workforce?

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Our latest blog post comes from guest blogger Melanie Wood, who is Head of Workforce Strategy, Design, Planning and Performance at Birmingham City Council and PPMA Workforce Lead. Melanie tells us more about the outcomes from 3 recent events held around the country.

‘These are exciting, if challenging times for the future of strategic workforce planning. Public sector transformation is so familiar a term, and yet we often don’t have the time to fully share, discuss and plan what it really means for the workforce. This is where PPMA comes in to play, hosting three highly successful events, jointly run with the LGA and SOLACE enabling Chief Executives, senior leaders, HR professionals and other interested parties to come together to share their visions for the future.

At our joint events in London, Leeds and Birmingham we welcomed fabulous speakers from the Cabinet Office, Jane Walker and Emma Reed; the University of Birmingham, Catherine Needham and Catherine Mangan who briefed us on the 21st Century Public Servant; and the Leadership Centre’s, Richard Vize and Debbie Sorkin who talked to us about their Local Vision report on systems leadership to whom we were extremely grateful.

Further thanks are extended to our inspirational chief executives, Mike Cooke, Tom Riordan and Mark Rogers who gave us the benefit of their thoughts and imaginative insight into building a new era for local government – creating a positive, innovative and responsive vision for the future. A local government built around strong narratives uniting a town or city, and positioning the council as the key influencer ensuring and maintaining an excellent standard of service for its citizens.

The events were timely and showed that having a clear future purpose needs to be developed alongside practical priorities, whilst attracting and retaining the right employees with the right behaviours and skills at the right time. PPMA, LGA and SOLACE have thus come together at the ‘right time’ to help provide practical solutions to such issues and we will be sharing our thoughts and findings with you after the next round of discussions in November. Watch this space!

If you are interested in contributing to our future development then please get in touch with me – [email protected]  If you would like to find out more about the University of Birmingham’s research you can find more about it at and the Leadership Centre’s Local Vision at

Look forward to hearing from you.’

Melanie Wood

Head of Workforce Strategy, Design, Planning and Performance at Birmingham City Council and PPMA Workforce Lead

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